Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Charleston - or Chawlston - great any way you say it

I returned Sunday from a weekend trip to Charleston, SC, one of the most lovely cities in America. A co-worker and I were on a business trip all day Friday and Saturday, but managed to take an hour to shop near the Market and found a fabulous little place, Harriet's Boutique, where we bought some cool jewelry. (Three Christmas presents purchased, plus a few cool pieces for myself!) We bought shawls in the Market and ate at two wondrous restaurants. In Charleston we ate at 82 Queen. Creamy grits to die for! On Saturday night we were treated to dinner at Oscar's in Summerville. I nearly licked my plate, the tenderloin was so delicious with its Jack Daniels sauce and mango chutney. Yum, yum! Once again, no time for photos, though Charleston is quite the photographer's dream. I have many shots from previous trips, and will make sure to get the camera out on subsequent visits.

My step-mother-in-law's many illnesses finally took her today...just as family had begun looking for a nursing home. My sympathy to her children and grandchildren.

Watched the debate with interest tonight. Good job on both sides, though my mind has not been changed. I don't like whining and meanness. I felt Hillary was intelligent and gracious tonight in her interview.

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