Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Changing art scene

Ha! These two paintings looked very different when I showed them to Diana on Sunday. They were almost monotone. Not much tonal variation. They were at the starting point and fairly placid looking. Not so now! All the black is the new part. Imagine these without the pop of the black paint. Boring. Pleasant, but boring. I think they look like a Mars sunset now. How did that happen? It was nowhere in my consciousness or plan. I wanted 'pretty'. This is only an interim stage, and I wish I'd photographed the beginnings. They will change again. Stay tuned. Hopefully the end will be an improvement.


Diana said...

Jan, i like the improvements, my eye went more to the right painting
and the vertical black line. Another first look caused the need for the color BLUE to be introduced...I'll have to see them. I love the "Rounds! We must work in a follow-up so I can browse these paintings. I'd introduce some paper strips and raised collaged rocks,washers, or something so that there is a raised focal..this will push the circles to a secondary repeat but i like those circles!

Gotta get ready for school art class. Thanks for the look/see...good start to my day! Be Safe! XXDiana

nate said...

i love these paintings! can't wait to display them in the new place!