Sunday, September 06, 2009

Enough Labor! Heading to Labor Day

What a week! Work was Cra-Z. Met Laurie D and Steve S for lunch on Tuesday - a much-needed dose of camaraderie and goodwill - not to mention artists' companionship. Thursday was an off-site meeting with a client meeting thrust into a priority position. Friday another stressful meeting - same client. Much needed party-time with friends at Laura and Rob's yesterday - cookout, corn-hole (Hoosier name for backyard beanbag game), and then Yahtzee, which I hadn't played in nearly a lifetime. It was fun. It was good to see Jaco and Mariana, and good to spend away-from-work-time with Diane and Mark, Laura and Rob.

Early this afternoon I met Diana - freshly in from Florida - for a walk in the park (literally.) The Canadian geese have taken over the park since I was last there, and dweebs are not cleaning up after their dogs on the walking paths. Yuck. We critiqued each other's art projects, did two laps around the lake and then had salads for late lunch at Applebees. Celeste, my lovely beautician-niece, has just left my house after cutting my hair back short again.

Tomorrow I plan to work on my pair of orangey-hued paintings, incorporating some of Diana's suggestions and letting them simmer in my brain a while longer. I bought Pat Conroy's "South of Broad" the other day and may begin reading it and save the remainder of Barbara Walter's surprisingly good memoir "Audition" for my travel reading this week when I will be in Missouri and Illinois. Will also prepare for my trips, but other than that I'm planning nothing for this day even though there were some really enticing coupons for Michael's art store in today's paper.

Will post photos of the orange paintings whenever they are completed. It may be months. Time flies, but I don't.

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