Friday, April 30, 2010

Facebook and Jace the Face

Facebook - great tool for staying in touch. Facebook - time waster extraordinaire. Finding the balance is worthwhile. I use Facebook now mostly for quick updates on what friends are doing, learning about art events I'm interested in, staying in touch with my nieces and now seeing my new grandson between actual visits. His mommy is really good about taking photos and sharing them via Facebook. Here's my latest favorite photo of Jace at two months. Yes - Jace the Face is already two months old, and he's changed a lot. His once dark hair is coming in much lighter now. (His daddy's hair was dark at birth, fell out and at three months he began a new phase of life as a towhead.)

He's a very contented baby - just like his daddy was. Unlike his daddy, though, he likes to be awake at night and sleep all day. They were just beginning to turn that around, but a 'swing emergency' occurred that had his mommy about to tear her own hair out. The cradle swing they'd purchased - and which Jace had become firmly addicted to - stopped working. They bought a new one, put it together, and same thing. The motor wouldn't work. A few sleepless nights later they purchased a third swing (FisherPrice) and Jace is a happy, contented baby once again. The new fear is what they will do when he outgrows the swing. I guess he'll have to come live with Grandma then. : ) Don't you just love the "I am the King of my world" look on his little face?

I am still enmeshed in too much calligraphy to even think. Tomorrow I will be in Indianapolis instead of Louisville. Unheard of for me on Derby Day! I will be at the big event doing last minute changes and place cards, helping the event coordinator. I can't believe it, but as I've FedExed various parts of the job to her I have not even had time to take photos of them. I hope to get a chance to take some photos Saturday. I'm sure it is going to be tres elegante. As if that weren't enough, I sandwiched two smaller jobs into tiny breathing spaces in the ongoing projects that have otherwise taken all my 'spare' time. As soon as I get home Saturday night/Sunday morning I need to do everything I can to finish the very elegant wedding job I have been working on for months. I have two art workshops coming up in May too. Both out of town. I will be posting and sharing photos.

At work, I am happily entrenched in projects that hopefully will really make a difference to the company. I have been writing marketing materials and website articles and pushing a myriad of other projects forward. I have learned a lot about the publishing business since beginning this job last October. It suits me well. I am doing something different almost every day. I have played an integral part in the publishing of two books so far. It was really exciting to see the dummy books come back to us from the printer in various all white with blank pages just to show placement of various artifacts within the pages. Since I've been on board, we've probably worked with hundreds of clients including some very well known ones that I wish I could mention.

Every day brings new challenges and new fun. And hopefully new photos of 'swinging' Jace the Face on Facebook.


Jane Farr said...

What a cutie!! Hope all went well in Indy!

Eileen Hull said...

Jane thanks for your comment about the zipper flowers on the blog hop! Just had to tell you Jace is SOOOO cute. In 20 years maybe he can meet my 3 yr old granddaughter Trinity :-)