Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jace the Face and work in progress

Had a great weekend! Babysat for Jace the Face while his mommy and daddy attended Derby Festival events. He is my heart's keeper for sure. I held him for hours. And hours. He laughs now and smiles a lot. What a great baby! Mommy and Daddy are pretty cool too. He looked like his mommy when he was born, but now looks just like his daddy did when he was a that age.

Here is a photo of Jace with his Grandaddy.

And lest you think I am all Jace, all the time, I did manage to work on some calligraphy jobs this past week too. I worked on a proclamation for my cousin who is being posthumously honored by his city for his wonderful work. Unfortunately I was sent a form that was much too small. I had hoped to hand letter everything in a nice size. As it turns out, I didn't have time for it anyway when it came down to it, so did what I could using the form I was sent, and will reduce it mechanically tomorrow and FedEx it to the Mayor's office Tuesday for the presentation on Thursday. No photo of that yet, but here is a photo of one of the other projects I've been working on, a menu for a major event in a distant city. This is 'in-progress', not finished. I have to do a scan of it tomorrow after work too and do some touch ups tomorrow night. (My new scanner is not large enough to accommodate the paper.)

I have a lot more calligraphy work for the next couple of weeks. Then a breather for some surgery. In the meantime, I finished the course from h-e-#-#, Quantitative Analysis. I got an A!!!!! Final grade was 99.11%. I'm so glad it's over. I switched to a Mac early in the class and course materials on CD were no longer available to me. These things compounded the frustrations and time constraints of an already super-difficult course. I was also involved in a life drawing class through early March. And calligraphy jobs and the new grandchild meant I had other things I wanted and needed to concentrate on. I won't be taking another class too soon. Except two art workshops I've already signed up for. (Right. I never seem to stop.)

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Jane Farr said...

Both Jace and your lettering are beautiful Jan!