Thursday, April 08, 2010

Laughing Baby

Forgive me another photo of new grandson Jace. In this one his mother had him laughing. She shot this one with her telephone.

Though Jace is the very best thing happening, there is more. We hosted my family for Easter. The youngest was Jace at just one month old and the eldest was Aunt Chris - who will be 99 next month. Everyone brought great additions to the meal, and the weather was gorgeously cooperative.

I am still pursuing my MBA and am in the killer class Quantitative Analysis. Every person I have asked for help has been unable to help. It's been a horror and I hope to finish it by the end of this month. I have an A average, but it's only because of the time I am putting in to the study...40 hours one week! And as quickly as I 'learn' it, it flies out the window. (I'm thinking that's why others who work with QA to some degree have been unable to help, so in a weird way that makes me feel better.)

In addition, I am working on a lovely wedding job, a premiere event in Indianapolis and an invitation for a small dinner party. (One day turnaround on that rush job...each invitation was hand-lettered and each envelope required lettering the return address as well as the recipient's address.) I am going to letter a Proclamation this week/weekend to honor my cousin Doug Webb of Columbus, IN, who died earlier this year. The city is honoring him later this month with a Doug Webb Day and is naming a softball field in his honor for his dedication to the sport and to the fields he worked closely with the Parks Department to build and maintain which have brought the city visitors from around the country and Canada. I am honored to do this small part toward honoring his generous spirit.

And, yes, I still work full time. Life will be at a more manageable pace once this blankety-blank QA course ends! It will almost feel like I'm on vacation. Speaking of which, I had to turn down a vacation in Ireland to concentrate on coursework. Photos of some of the projects will come as soon as I have time to work with them.

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