Monday, August 24, 2009

Goodbye to What's His Name

A couple of weeks ago we bid farewell to our friend, Barry. Here are some photos from lunch, beginning with the posse.

Catherine, Nate and Angie -

Ify, Elizabeth and Erica -

Jick, Sam, Laura and a bit of Barry -

Barry, Tie wearer, Kendra -

And here is the entire group - photo courtesy of our waiter at Pesto's. [December 2009 notation: I'd have to remove photo and alter it to remove the photo of one of my 5 least favorite people in the world, but I can easily add this note...if it were in the dictionary, your picture would illustrate 'jick'!]

Here are a few snapshots from an after work get-together beginning with Mac's mugging face that looks rather sad to say goodbye.

Diane and Mark -

Newly engaged, Scott and Rachel -

Rob with LC -

Sam and Rob -

Angie and Mac - not looking like they're in a happy place.

Happier Angie.


Things get rough when people are forced to wear neckties...a tribute to Barry who wore a necktie almost every day at work - until his Hawaiian shirt day!

He's Happy Now!

Marie and Elizabeth - You are going to miss this bunch!

Elizabeth and Diane -

Goodbye from Nate.

Here's Lookin at You, Kid! (Barry with Catherine)


Elizabeth said...

Barry will be missed, thanks for posting Jan.

letterlady said...

Amazingly SIX of the people in the photos above are no longer with the company. There are many others, some of whom weren't even with the company then, who are also gone. That company has the biggest turnover of any I've ever known.