Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Maxi is Growing" and 2009 KY State Fair photos

Maxi-million is growing. He's losing the puppy look and today I notice that both of his ears are standing at point (one used to flop over like in this shot from a week ago.)

My bougainvilla - memories of Spain for me - is doing beautifully, isn't it!

Steve and I had fun at the fair. First off, we headed for our annual corndog. Slathered with catsup, yum-yum! We passed up the livestock this year, something unheard of in years past. Then we walked the midway as in our young days, then looked at the art exhibits (I hadn't entered anything this year, but I can still say unequivocally that I wouldn't have judged many categories the same way.) After that we gave a quick run through the commercial exhibits - not stopping until I ran down my favorite fudge...and since Sunday I have systematically, piece-by-piece, eaten the whole pound minus one piece of chocolate pecan fudge from Hodson Farms. It's so much better than the other vendor's...firmer and more like the Hershey cocoa fudge my daddy used to make. There is very little left. It will be gone by tonight. Hurray for me. I'm really good at that! I could take a blue ribbon in fudge eating probably. And after I kill the last piece I will be green and won't want another bite until next year's fair. And then we headed home...and the traffic wasn't nearly as bad as on the way in.

Here are a few sights from the midway, beginning with the living statue. I saw my first one of these on Las Ramblas in Barcelona, and another in the celebrating crowd at the Running of the Bulls. The Spanish ones were gray rather than white. This one must be marble.

I believe this little tot could have won "Best Dressed" at the fair. How cute is this little blondie? (She reminds me of my niece Natalie when she was that age.)

After I took the second of these two photos, Steve asked, "What is it with you and these toothless guys?" LOL - I said I was just trying to capture typical fair images.

Last but not least is this budding photography winner. We both liked the blue cat she had in her viewfinder. I liked her intent pursuit of the perfect photo even better.

And then we went home. 2009 KY State Fair runs through Sunday, but it's now over for me. Big weekend coming up too. ART in SPEED PARK Saturday & Sunday, Mt. St. Francis annual picnic - hello chicken and dumplings! - and Gaye's art yard sale where I will snatch up too-good-to-be-missed bargains of things I don't need but can't live without. You know, what other people would call 'junk'. Looking forward to all of it!


Pat said...

I'm sorry, but corndogs should Only be eaten with mustard, not catsup!!
Be sure and check out my blog... Gaye sent pictures of goodies for sale! She has added more today. Can't wait!

letterlady said...

So good to see your wonderful self yesterday, Pat!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jan, I love your Maxi-million, he looks like my old Paddy, a dog that I had when I was young, used to follow me everywhere, grin.