Monday, August 10, 2009

Neighborhood excitement 2am

The fire engines didn't wake me up, but the idiot neighbor did at 2:10AM when he called to ask me if I have a dog - because though fire engines had waked him up, the dog was whining in the backyard. (I was sound asleep and didn't think to tell him that his truck wakes me every morning at 5 when he leaves for work. But NOW I have his phone number! Ha! Called him at 3 to see if he was okay.) I also have a headache that won't quit, which is why being waked up is bugging me so much. That was the first respite from the headache I've had for two days.

Here is a snap of a couple of the fire engines that came in response to the fire across the street, and one of our new pup named because Steve says he'll be a million dollars worth of trouble. I said his name should be Lotto, because in finding soft-touch Steve, he'd won the lottery.

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