Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mount St. Francis annual picnic

I have no photos, but a couple of comments about this year's Mt. St. Francis picnic, which, because I used to participate in Art in Speed Park on the same weekend, I have missed for the past many years. The food is the thing at this annual picnic near our home. First - I won a cake and a basket of fruit! Hurray for me. Second, they added a silent auction this year and I saw but didn't bid on a beautifully constructed nightstand stained in wild berry made by the wonderful carpenter who remodeled my kitchen, Andy Gawlak of LaGrange, KY. That was a nice surprise to see. Third, after making small talk with us for a few minutes one of the monks told Steve and I that we looked happily married. Last, I acted as waitress for a man and gave him correct change for his hundred dollar bill and got the first tip of my lifetime - $2. for a $3 cup of beverage. Hurray for me, ha ha! (I was just being a 'nice guy'. I've never been a waitress in my life unless you count putting dinner on the table for my family every night for many, many years.) We had fun, and the country style food was fantastic. The weather was perfect!

Before that I made a mid-day run to Louisville artist Gaye Medbury's studio sale - open only to friends and friends of friends. I took home a sack full of loot and memories for another year. Gotta love Gaye, a fabulously creative woman who lives her artistic life every day. Enjoyed as well seeing Pat of the Artkerfuffle blog, a friend I see much too seldom. Gaye's home is so wonderfully unique I have nominated it for home of the week for the local newspaper's fashion section.

Tomorrow I will visit and most likely spend some cash at the annual Art in Speed Park art fair in Speed, IN. Kim Johnson and her team have juried many fine artists to participate and I am anxious to see all of them...many friends from years past, and many new ones I'm sure. This show is a little jewel with fine juried artists and craftsmen of a high caliber. I will participate again next year - just far too busy this year to manage to create any new work...I have a year to work toward having a full booth next year. And I bought cool stuff at Gaye's that I will incorporate into some new pieces...creative juices are flowing. It is fun to be around creative people! Even more fun when they are also friends.


gaye said...

I had such a great time also. Isn't it nice how we all feed off of each other? It's just the best.

letterlady said...

It's always fun to see you, Gaye. Thanks!