Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Didn't take a single photo on my day trip to Cincy today. Cincy is on the Ohio River. The leaves are only just beginning to turn. We ate a very late lunch at a restaurant right on the picturesque river. --- It was a work trip and was very good, though my back ached from the non-ergonomic conditions of the inventory I conducted. My co-workers are fantastic people and good at what they do. (Much like most in my old job, which is very heartening to me.) (Hey! Who on earth uses the word 'heartening'? Where did that come from?) We learned a lot, such as how to make our own situation ergonomically correct and able to facilitate the best work by the short, the average and the tall. My co-workers received many vicarious compliments on their facile grasp of the new concepts. Yay, team! (Funny coincidence...I headed the Purple Team at my old job and I left with us as top performers. This new team at the new company is ....the PURPLE team! I had nothing to do with it, but it bodes well.)

Boss is out the rest of the week, but I will have plenty to do nonetheless. For one thing, I will explore the entire (huge, old) building - and locate the TP to replenish the private room - as I am the only woman in the testosterone-rich office setting.

Forgot something important - I need to have Friday, November 20th off as I will be attending a watercolor workshop in central Indiana with my good friend Donna that day. Oops!

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