Monday, October 12, 2009

Painting today

I began a new set of paintings today. They started out white...gesso and paint mixture. Added pastels in three colors. Added more gesso and acrylic to add some tone to the white. I will wait to see what they tell me to do next. These photos are a little dark.

I am also experimenting with the pair of orange paintings I did a few weeks ago. I want to add some bright, bold blue to spark against the orange, but am taking it slow to see where it needs to go. I have varnished them and they look really good without the blue - but I keep thinking a spot or two of blue could make them better.

Took care of legal things today and shopped! Bought a new red leather Fossil bag at Dillard's and a beautiful new suit jacket in browns and black and gold at Stein Mart. Bought some new canvases too...have to have the raw materials when the painting bug hits!

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