Tuesday, October 06, 2009

One door closes, another opens

(A doorway in Savannah)

Left a (stress-filled) job that I loved and some great people on Friday. No more driving across the bridge to Louisville every day. No more seeing the progress on the new arena being built next to the Clark Bridge everyday - if I was even in town, that is. Will miss my clients and teammates and others, but new, exciting things are happening. Life is unbelievable!

A new day has begun. Got a new job on Monday that I know I will love and will love me back. Exciting times! They wanted me to start today, but I am taking two weeks for R & R to prepare for the demands of my new role(s). One door closes...another opens. (Actually had two good job offers yesterday. Unbelievable! I chose the one I knew I wanted, which is basically being created as we go.)

(Another Savannah doorway...steps to climb!)

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