Saturday, October 17, 2009

Diana's Sandi Goddess

My friend Diana came over this morning and asked me to take some photos of her latest piece. It's for a woman named Sandi, and the form looks like a goddess to me - therefore the name of today's blogspot. It is a full sheet of Stonehenge paper - about 30 by 22 inches. (The white at the bottom is a separate piece of paper, not part of the piece.)

Here is a photo of the entire image, but because much of the lettering is in pastel colors and some is very small, I am also including some detail photos of some of the areas. The quote is a Nancy Woods poem about writing her life in the stars upon the universe...very pretty. There are some small jewels in the sky of the painting along with the name Sandi debossed into the soft-bodied Stonehenge paper. Some shiny parts are due to collaged-on gossamer paper. It looks more like simply texture in these photos, but in person it is very striking.


Diana said...

Thanks, Jan, for taking so many close ups of this new work and posting them on your blog for me to see. Of all the pastel complaints you received from me to you in your earlier callig I am so pastel that it makes the lettering difficult to see or read. HA! Well, you can call me the Pastel Princess today.All I can say is that everyone shoulda' been there. I appreciate all everything you've ever done for me, especially, when I call you and say: "I NEED YOU!" because I'm lazy and don't want to learn about a digital camera OR HOW TO DO ANY OF THE CAMERA WORKINGS THAT YOU ALREADY KNOW how to perform. You are the very best great, calliging, artgirl friend to me. I loved seeing your new work and spending time with you this morning! The Stonehinge is a full sheet 22X30". Thank you for sharing this story painting with the CB. Big Love and grateful'e the best!! XXDiana

Sue Simpson aka - The Purple Pixie said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS! Stunning piece of work that I would be proud to hang off my wall.
I agree Diana...Many years ago this lovely lady (Jan) who I had never had the good fortune to meet, sent me some pictures of canvases. They spurred me on when I lost my sight to continue to do the work I love. And I will be forever grateful!
Diana, you really must learn to use a digi camera, it's easy peasy and it's a wonderful way to keep a record of all your achievements. Go on...give it a go :o)
And Diana, do you have a blog???? It's good to share.

Love and bright blessings to you both,
here's to the Goddess within each and ever one of us!
Sue xxx