Sunday, December 06, 2009

This is why I save pretty bows

Bought a gift for the newlyweds. Had a nice giftbag and tissue. Wedding was right after work and I had to rush home to change and stuff gift and tissue in bag. Aaaack! Gift was too wide for the large bag. Sent S to store for another bag. He bought the largest wedding one he could find. Looked perfect. No! It too was too small. Had to do something quickly. I had tissue paper, but no wedding paper - only holiday and a tad of birthday wrap. No suitable ribbon. No time to worry. Found a big old ivory colored Christmas bow with a white silk poinsettia on it. Wrinkled. Flat. A mess! Why do I save these things? This is what always happens and they have to be thrown out anyway.

Not this time. I decided I had nothing to lose but time. Used my steamer on it. Not too bad. It looks about 300 times better than it did when I pulled it out of the closet. Scribbled a few glittery (Stickles) hearts on the corners of the package and affixed the card on front - hoping they'd notice the calligraphy and disregard the rest. It's not the color choices I'd have made if I'd been able to choose, but not bad in a pinch. THAT'S why I save pretty bows. This time it saved the day. : ) Now I have to try to revive the big red and gold bow I brought home from work that is going on the top of our tree there. It's about as sad as this one had been. I do love my Jiffy steamer!

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