Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Memories

A couple of views of the (second) beautiful poinsettia Steve bought me this year.

Some of my favorite ornaments and people.

Mistle-toad - I remember how much I loved him when I bought him. Pull the string and he kisses & croaks.

I love this making garlands ornament. My sister Terry and I used to make these.

Steve salutes:

A little soldier salutes:

The Claus kiss:

How disgusting when it's so hard to tell these are not three sisters, but two sisters and their mom (my baby sister).

One of the above sisters (my youngest niece) with another of my youthful-looking little sisters.

Little squirrel, big cookie!

These little bear angels have been a part of many of my Christmases.

Speaking of longevity, this little angel taking a walnut sleigh ride is one of my oldest ornaments.

One of my newer Christmas decorations is this sweet Santa pillow. I can't imagine spending the time sewing all of those buttons on!

Last, this reminds me of many years ago when we took a then toddler niece out looking at Christmas displays. When we'd say, "Look, Celeste! There's Santa!" She invariably asked, "The real one?" No, Celeste, this is the real one, incognito on the day after Christmas:

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