Monday, December 14, 2009

Good Will to Men - Tis the Season

Before I left town Friday after work, I took this photo of the house at the end of my street all decked out for Christmas. Very old-fashioned looking. I love it! (Sorry that the photo is slightly crooked. I could Photoshop it, but not now.)

I visited my good friend Donna & her wonderful husband Tim for the weekend. The main highway I travel to her house is usually sparsely traveled, but being a Friday evening, commuters were plentiful and I had to pay close attention as I headed southwest. I listened to one of my employer's books on tape to make the four hour drive pass more quickly. Unexpectedly, in the twilight about two hours into my drive, I saw ahead of me lights twirling like a comet. I thought of the recent Russian rocket explosion, but could tell soon enough that these were headlights twirling in the sky. A car in the eastbound lane was spinning over and over above the divided highway. It landed upside down, and the car in front of me and I pulled over.
A few cars headed east soon stopped too. I had no cell phone and felt helpless. The young man in the vehicle that had stopped ahead of me was the first responder. Soon others on that side of the highway joined him in his rescue attempt. Someone had phoned 911, and shortly an ambulance did show up - but it was headed west and had to make a long detour to get back to the site of the wreck. I stayed, though I could do nothing...just in case I was needed for anything. Once the ambulance arrived I left. It was pitch black now and I prayed and wished on the first star I saw for the victim's safety and for the young people who had stopped to offer aid. It was good to see the public and unselfish concern for a fellow man. Godspeed all travelers this Christmas season.

I went to Donna's at her invitation partly because I hadn't been to visit for almost a year, and partly to see the 'loot' she had snagged at a recent estate sale in her area.
Her treasures were many, and she even gave me a large leather ledger to use in my art. I love it! These Chinese gents were favorites of mine.

I also loved the painting of a group of choirboys and a slender nun, which I recognized from her mother's house. I had admired it at her mother's and had talked to her about it once when I stayed with her, and now it was on Donna's wall. Something about it pleases me.

Donna and Tim recommended that on my return home I detour to Princeton, KY to see Adsmore, a museum and former home of a wealthy family in the town. It was just as they'd said it would be and I got a private tour. No ropes to mar the view. It's 'hands-off', and it was tempting to touch and sit, but I restrained myself. It was a glimpse at a talented family's life on Christmas Day 1901. The furniture was exquisite. Taking photos of homes from the driver's seat apparently leads me to get a crooked slant. Just a tad. The home is quite beautiful.

In Louisville one day last week I snapped this photo of a lonely bicycle. It was in the lot of an abandoned drugstore. The chain tells me that it's not abandoned, though it has that appearance. Possibly someone rides to a bus stop and the bike waits for his return. Locking things like this is necessary, but I wonder how long that chain will do the trick. The SUV that had been parked in front of our house waiting for snow had its gas (full tank!) drained out over the weekend. Our yard is lit like Las Vegas yet someone came into my yard to siphon a tank of gasoline. They will have a harder time of it now. The old Explorer is nestled with its gas tank hugging the privacy fence now. Ho ho ho - Merry Christmas. I'm glad I witnessed 'goodwill to men' this weekend.

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