Friday, December 04, 2009

Weathergram for Ann

Cyberscribes is a large but close-knit & far-flung online group of calligraphers. We recently lost a member who had remarkable talents. Her calligraphy and her art pins were wonderful, but her greatest talents were loving and living. Upon learning of her passing, our board was awash with stories many of us had never heard - good deeds done by Ann VT for other members, for strangers, for humanity. Many of us had met her - she was a sociable woman & attended many scribal events - but even those who had not felt as though they had. She had a rare and infectious warmth. She and her family suffered greatly due to breast cancer, yet when she was able to post she was always positive. She taught us much, even after her passing from this life. In her memory we lit candles for her birthday, November 24th, and many of us made weathergrams. Weathergrams typically have a fairly cryptic theme of nature, but ours were about Ann. Weathergrams are typically made of brown grocery bags (rare species these days) - but there was nothing typical about our Ann. She loved pink and purple. This is my hot pink weathergram for Ann. (Bad incandescent lighting when I took the photo tonight.) It will be sent to her family to hang outdoors if they wish from a branch, and allowed to weather until it returns to nature itself. You are missed, Ann.

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cindyyount said...

This is a really nice weathergram for Ann. Very special......she will be missed.