Sunday, January 03, 2010

Making lemonade

Mapquest sent me on a detour of gigantic proportion today when I searched for an out of town estate sale. I made it - an hour late - but took a photo of a cool looking old gingerbreaded house on the detour. Love the way the stars shadowed onto the old frame house. Had I not been in my car in the middle of the road I might have taken another photo with the sweet old dog guarding the front door. If the shadows were the same it would have been a better photo. I like these anyway.

Didn't buy anything at the estate sale, but bought a 'shabby chic' handmade blanket chest (complete with interior removable tray) at my favorite resale shop on my way home. It's Max-proof. I won't have to kill him if he harms it...which the almost pony Mr. Claws is sure to do. I'd been wanting a chest downstairs in front of the sofa to use as coffee table/footstool, but didn't want to have anything too precious to enjoy. I'm going to like this old piece. I'll clean it up a little and - store blankets in it!

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