Saturday, January 30, 2010

On the Job Front

Wow! What a crazy few days at work! Crazy busy, crazy good. The photo I posted on January 5 of dash plaques I'd layed out on a mat board had to be re-done. The shape wasn't proportionate to the page it would be printed on. So, after the boss set up a 'field of green' paper for the background, I re-did the dash plaques, removing each one of them and starting over. One by one by one... This photo was needed for the publishing meetings this week. (Replete with group lunches of great sandwiches and homemade soups from my crockpot.)

I was happy with the finished layout. More importantly, the publishing team was happy with it. My boss made a prototype vault case for the book --- and a photo of 'my' dash plaques will be on the back of the case. It will also be on some pages in the book. There may even be a jigsaw puzzle made of it. (Funny that I used those very words in describing the layout on January 5.) Color me excited!

Today I worked with the team on the book itself, making inclusions for some pages. I definitely feel a part of this publication and can hardly wait to see it published this summer. Whoo woo! There was talk today of a launch party. Fun!

More fun - I asked for press credentials for the Derby. Have been told it 'could be arranged.'

I love my job!


Elizabeth said...

Super cool, Jan! Glad you're finding creative success at work.

letterlady said...

Thanks, Elizabeth. So much is because of the appreciation shown to me every single day. It makes a huge difference.

Nice photo! Nice legs...guess that comes from the good exercise you get skating.

Miss you!