Friday, January 01, 2010

2010 - Welcome, Brand New Year, Brand New Decade

We had plenty of reason to celebrate 2010 and gleefully say, "Goodbye, 2009". Crises in abundance. We want only to forget the bad and look to the good of a brand new year. How best to do that? We did it by partying with good friends. So much fun. Oh my gosh! It's a new year all right. And here I start it posting more pix than I ever have before. Enjoy the party!

Aleks and Rob - here's to 2010!

Rob and Zeljko cut a rug.

Laura and Jan - Laura took the photo!


Le Croupier. It was fun playing roulette - learning how to play it with play money. Here Steve takes on a role he'd love to have in real life.

Laura, Aleks and Josh at the roulette wheel. Fun!

Laura and Josh give karaoke a try.

Brian, Laura and Diane search for the perfect song.

La Multiani! (Happy New Year - Romanian style.) Diane, Josh and Nicole.

Diane and Brian singing.


Josh and Nicole play nice.

Aleks and Rob - - playing tackle ping pong?

Zeljko, Aleks and Nicole. (Dad, daughter and friend.)

Isaac pretending to be far out of it.

Aleks and Mirjana - daughter and mother.

The throng waits for the midnight hour.

Mark and Diane.

Contraband! Romanian plum wine (AKA Rakia) in camouflage. POTENT!

Rob tooting his own horn. (Who else's?)

Steve tooting his.

Here's Laura preparing to give 2009 the boot. (2009's tension and stress-caused pain in her neck kept her from wearing boots, actually. Thanks to the chiropractor for a good session that morning allowing her to be on her feet a bit.)

Brian and Carrie - here's one for Diane.

In the last minute of the old decade hosts Rob and Laura prepare to cheer the new year.

After the ball dropped. Confetti everywhere.

First kiss of the new year? Rob and Josh. Tell me it isn't so!

We even had fireworks, compliments of Brian, Diane's son here from Colorado with his wife.

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