Monday, August 09, 2010

Mental illness as art_ I am lonely

I was totally transfixed by this framed piece of cloth at a Mental Hospital Museum in the midwest. A poor soul embroidered her random thoughts into this fabric and the art and words held me tranfixed for many long minutes, wondering about her. Of course the calligraphic nature of it appealed to me - the power of words, the need to communicate. Fascinating. I don't recall the age of the piece, but I believe it's from several decades ago when the museum was a mental hospital.


Pat said...

I would be transfixed too. Something about this is very powerful and mesmerizing.

curlysusieQ said...

Talk about fascinating on so many levels. The fact that different colors were used, no straight lines. This persons thoughts are in constant motion. But embroidered....this person wanted to be remembered.

letterlady said...

I looked at it for so long when I was there, and went back to it before I left. It's very big...I'm thinking maybe larger than 2 by 3 feet. Unfortunately I couldn't get a great picture of the entire piece due to reflections.