Sunday, August 29, 2010

Niagara Falls

Beautiful water. This is a whirlpool further up the road from the falls.
We didn't ride on this tower. We did go up in CN Tower in Toronto later though.
Jace and Daddy in the state park on USA side of Falls. The mist was a cool bonus - very comfortable on this already comfortable sunny day.
Jace flying.
Gull flying. (Jace is cuter.)
Double decker tour buses were in both Niagara Falls and in Toronto.

Fireworks our first night. It was fun to be at the same level rather than looking up.
Here's a night view from our room looking toward the touristy town area.

A wall of falls - this was taken street-side with zoom.
A night view from our room.
Sssshh! Don't tell anyone. Steve and Sandy moved their mattress down on the floor by the floor-to-ceiling window for the first night...a fun way to view the amazing scenery.
A close-up view from the USA side. Being able to get so close and hear the roar and feel the mist - fantastic!
We were in the first room directly under the awning at the top left. 31st floor of Sheraton Fallsview, Canada.
See the rainbow? This is a view from our room. Note the third room down at the Marriott (in the deep grey area.) We had a surprise 'floor show' when a guy danced in front of his window straight from his shower - towel in hand. Sandy caught him with her camera...I only got an 'after-show' photo - I was in shock, and definitely not thinking fast enough. We roared with laughter.

Our 'floor show' guy, enjoying the scenery a bit more sedately with his female companion. Newlyweds perhaps. : )

Night view of falls from room.
Zoomed in on this view from room.
See the mist! The little black speck top left is a helicopter.
The awesome power of the Falls.

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