Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Niagara Falls and Toronto with Steve, Sandy & Jace the Face

Vacation with Steve, Sandy and Jace. Niagara Falls (both USA & Canadian sides) and Toronto, with an overnight in Cleveland, Ohio on the way, and a day stop in Niagara on the Lake, Canada.
I took a lot of photos on vacation, and so did Sandy. These first images are hers. I haven't had time to go through all of mine yet - but I really love the range of my new Panasonic Lumix camera with 16x optical zoom, which really got a workout on this trip. Niagara Falls was spectacular! Toronto is a busy, exuberant BIG city! We enjoyed the charms of each.

Here's my sweet traveling companion in the back seat. My vantage point allowed less range for photography, but better baby-doll viewing and interacting. I won! The next photo is one Steve took in my driveway before we left to document how everything fit into the rented Edge. It was tight. I think of it as his way to prevent a lot of souvenir shopping. We did alter this arrangement to allow for safety with a bit of a rear-view.Here is a photo of Jace enjoying the Toronto Zoo. It's a shame he won't remember how much he enjoyed it except from photos. He was so 'into' everything we did. He acts much older than 5 months old. I've never seen a baby so alert and interested in his surroundings. He was a joy on this trip, as always...and he's teething, for heaven's sake! What a sweetie! If we weren't entertaining him, he was content to entertain himself (his feet were a huge amusement.) Frankly, he entertained us as much as we entertained him.

I'm calling the next photo 'Muscrat Love'. (I'm telling my age. Anyone else remember The Captain and Tenille?) I think it's a mama and baby groundhog. Sweet!

Many more photos to come. I need to get to some calligraphy jobs right now. The current work is on big, beautiful envelopes in a mixed grey ink. Letter style is Rook rather than my usual ornamental script. It's going more slowly than usual because of the mixed ink, which must be stirred frequently, and the less familiar letter style. Very pretty though, and not much time to finish them. Sayonara for a while.


Magnolia Studios said...

These are all just amazing!

letterlady said...

Thanks! I took all of them except the cute loving groundhogs. Sandy snapped that one. When I got there I scared them off and they were toddling into a hole.