Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Jace's First Birthday Party

Today is Jace's first Birthday, but we celebrated on Sunday. Here are a few photos. I will add more later, so look back.

Here is the Smashcake; It was so cute. Adrienne and Co. created the cake using one of Jace's toys as a model for the monkey face on the top...perfect!

Perhaps disappointing his parents who were expecting a messy bunch of fun, Jamma was proud of her Jace-monkey for being so neat on his first few tentative pokes at the pretty confection. Finally he understood it was his and - it was good!

Daddy moved in to show him how it's done.

Pappy leaned in for a better look at his little man.

Mommy helped him open his presents.

Becky Korte and Sandy set the party table up very appropriately with stuffed monkeys, monkey party favors and chocolate and banana cupcakes.

Monkeys can also be princes, as designated on this first birthday by the princely "Number 1" crown.

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