Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rosie Kelly Book Workshop in Memphis

What a weekend! I picked up a new friend, Shirley Sawyer, at her home in Louisville and drove to Memphis to meet other friends for a fantastic weekend workshop presented by the Memphis Calligraphy Guild. Rosie Kelly of Chicago was the instructor. It was the second or third workshop I've enjoyed with Rosie over the years, the other(s) being paste paper workshops). Paste paper, another subject entirely, is a great page maker for these wonderful handmade artist books.

This photo is of the books I made in class plus the two collage pages we made early in day one of the workshop. More can be seen on my Letterlady's Letters blog at: http://letterladysletters.blogspot.com/ and my website at: www.picturetrail.com/letterlady in my handmade books album.

Shirley, Deb Warnat and her daughter Cassie, Donna Hacker and I stayed at Donna's daughter's lovely condo in a very nice Memphis suburb. It couldn't have been a better situation for fun, camaraderie and art. Some good eating came in to play too, including daily breakfast yogurt yumminess Donna made for each of us from a bed and breakfast recipe. Here's a photo of my morning treat.

Near Emily's, we spotted this sign. We loved it and hope it did the trick.

Where else would a group of people attend a calligraphy guild sanctioned workshop and be visited by a Canine police unit? This workshop was held at a police station community room, and the police officers were curious about our activity. (Maybe they were curious about our frequent mentioning of our 'stashes' - which in our case was pretty innocuous - our beautiful paper scraps that we were using for the collage elements in our books.) When we let them look around at our book projects we asked to see the beautiful dog this officer managed. No touching allowed, but Dobro (?) was a beautiful animal and enjoyed his visit. Had the officer given the word, those powerful jaws could have done unthinkable damage. (That's Rosie seated at her desk in the background.)

See other photos on my Letterlady's Letters blog and on my website.

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Sandy said...

Yumm-o to the breakfast!!! That looks delicious. And, very sweet of your friend to be so kind.

Next, love the Cash Reward sign. Hilarious!

Very neat also that you go to at least at a police dog. I would have wanted to pet him so badly.