Monday, March 21, 2011

My Little Bluejean Boy and My Studio

Here's my little guy - just turned one year old this month, but looking older in his blue jeans. I was trying to get him to take a nap because he was a little fussy and tired...and I had calligraphy to do. He didn't nap then, but the wedding calligraphy was completed in plenty of time and Jamma had a good time playing with her little man while his parents were away for the weekend.

Here's a photo of an addressed envelope set along with the invitation and dinner and dancing reception card from this wedding. Both the bride and her mother have sent me beautiful words of thanks, and I look forward to working with them on their very cool and out of the ordinary place card idea soon.

My studio is a part of my large family room, and my mess and tools are very accessible. This made good sense when I bought the house, but that was before our little Jace-treasure was part of our lives. Now I face the tasks of really cleaning and child-proofing my studio or moving it to the smaller, less accessible spare bedroom upstairs. Both ideas will involve a lot of planning, time and work, none of which I want to undertake right now. This shot was taken looking from the family room section into the messy studio on a 'good' day. It gets worse. Something is going to have to change, I know. Jace is so tempted by the tools on the desk/table just a toddler arm's reach behind the couch.

Decisions, decisions. Until then, I prefer to play with Jace every chance I get, and letter beautiful envelopes for weddings and other functions when he is not here. And Jace is coming over today!

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