Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Artwork and a bit of news

I'm just posting some photos of recent artwork, calligraphy, greeting cards, a 'scrapbook' wall, and body lotion. (!) The pink one was for a friend who saw something similar in Savannah. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember what that one looked like so I kept altering mine (shown are an in-progress and the final piece) and didn't come very close, I'm thinking. Actually, seeing the two photos together, I think I liked the looser, lighter in-progress piece better, finished one in comparison is overworked. Such was my life then. The finished piece is better in person though, I think. (I hope!) The multi-colored one began as a total abstract with blotches of color everywhere. I should post my in-progress photo of was awful! It now looks something like a field of flowers, I think. A few small calligraphy pieces (pencil on paper) are shown and a few birthday cards I made a month or so ago. One photo is of an outside wall of a shop in Brown County, IN where we went with friends in March to celebrate a birthday and an anniversary. Another is of my room during my most recent stay in Charleston...lovely place! One photo is of four bottles of hand and body lotion - one is practically empty, one is half empty and two full ones are of different fragrances. A friend (Doris!) gave me a bottle for Christmas and I loved it so much I bought more and wrote a paean to it and submitted it to the local newspaper. I learned last night that it will be published on July 25th!

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