Sunday, May 10, 2009

Puerto Vallarta no, Portland yes

Sadly, I have learned that my trip to Puerto Vallarta is not to be. I have never been to Mexico and I've heard that PV is wonderful, so I am a bit disappointed. First the drug wars threatened the trip, and everyone advised me not to go. Then swine flu and the government's no-unnecessary travel to Mexico warning gave it the coup de grace. The friend who had organized it lives in Portland, OR and has invited us there instead. That's another place I've always wanted to visit, and staying with Beth and meeting her friend Andrea will make it a good trip, I'm sure. My brother said one week won't be enough, so that makes it sound really promising. I have to totally re-think the planned wardrobe though. No tanning booth necessary since I won't be risking getting a sunburn now.

It's Mother's Day. Saw my Mom yesterday and decided to stay home today. Having a quiet and restful day. Church and the newspaper, some calligraphy, carry-out ribs from Mark's, tv movies and some card-making. Photo is from my November birthday. Many cards last year, including many hand made and gorgeous ones! I don't think I posted the photo then. -- Back to a busy work-week tomorrow. I am not ready!

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Pamela Thompson said...

I am sorry you will not be coming here to Puerto Vallarta. We have only two confirmed cases in Vallarta of the swine flu. There are many more cases in the United States, spreading rapidly than in all of Mexico. Drug wars? Please - tell your friends to take a look at a map! The Drug Wars are at the border - Puerto Vallarta is FAR SOUTH. That's like saying do not go to the United States - it's dangerous in New York City!! You can see all of our updates, information at BTW - it's gorgeous here right now!! So sorry you are not coming.