Thursday, May 07, 2009

Four Leaf Clovers

I'm good at it. Sometimes it seems as though I've planted 4 leaf clover seed. I find them all the time. But I have found them just walking along a public path - not looking for them. They sometimes seem to be standing up and waving for me to notice them. I don't understand it, but I like it. When I was a little girl my brother and our friends were finding 4 leafed clovers. I was mad. I couldn't spot one. Stubborn me, I sat in a patch of clover in our backyard and looked and looked. I didn't go inside the house until I had found my very first four leafed clver. I don't know if that experience trained my eye to find them or not, but now they are my good luck charms. Not superstitiously, more divinely. I ask for guidance and look for my response...finding a four leafed clover = YES. "Lord, am I doing the right thing?" "Am I going to be okay?" Almost always I can get my 'yes' in the form of a four leafed clover. If I go a few days without finding one in the spring/summer I fear that I've lost my touch (or my eye.) Sometimes I go into my backyard - certain areas are richer than others - and find two or three or more in less than five minutes. Yeah. I like finding four leafed clovers. Now you know this 'secret' about me. Here's the one I found today. The large one is today's...the smaller one is old. Today's 'Yes' was important - and it made me a smidge late to work. (Terrible photo - it's behind plastic in my wallet. For better photo of my backyard patch of lucky, see June 13, 2008 post.) The "Yes" felt good...but then, most yeses do, don't they.

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