Monday, May 18, 2009

Glory Days and Squirrel

Two photos today (of 104!) One of the squirrel who met me this morning for breakfast. He was satisfied with peanut butter on cracker. I settled for one of my omelets. The day started with no power. My alarm system cranking out an annoying beep every few seconds woke me up. That beep was to tell me there was no power. I went downstairs and the squirrel previously mentioned tried to get into the house when I turned the alarm off and opened the door for light. He was hungry! Power was restored within an hour or so, thankfully.

I worked in the yard a little after church. I took this photo of a full-blown yellow rose. Magnificent! Lots of buds on that bush too. I'm excited. I planted her last year. This reminds me of my glory days. One day at my former place of employment - when I was very shy and easily embarrassed - I went to the cafeteria. I was wearing a soft mohair sweater and matching slim wool skirt - all in a soft yellow. A table-full of men stood up and sang "The Yellow Rose of Texas". I was mortified. It took me a long time to go into that cafeteria again. But the memory remains as a pleasant one nonetheless. I was probably 20 years old, long brown hair, and great figure - yes, those were the days. I'm not from Texas, but that song became special to me, regardless of the mortification that was involved at the time. I couldn't look at the men, but I'm sure they were all friendly to me after that. I also learned before too long to get over my shyness.

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