Saturday, May 02, 2009

Louisville at Derby-time

Well, chalk up an exciting Derby for 2009! Who ever heard of Mine That Bird? Thorobred horses are often named with nods to their sires and mares, and this one is no different. His sire was Birdstone, and his mother was Mining My Own. Someone turned that into Mine That Bird. The winning jockey, Calvin Borel, made everyone happy about the win. His excitement was infectious - in a much better way than the swine flu. Those who had bets on the horse were even happier, because the payoff was over $100 for a two dollar bet! Churchill Downs' track is seldom muddy. It doesn't hold water. At least that's what they always say. Today proved that wrong. Heavy rains early and no sunshine to dry it out left the track sloppy today. All horses, whether black, grey or roan looked taupe at the end of the races - and so did the jockeys!

I watched from home, celebrating Steve's birthday doing what he wanted to do. Omelettes for breakfast, T-bones for dinner, chocolate birthday cake, and watching the horses run on my big screen.

I've been doing some art lately. We went to Cherokee Triangle Art Fair last weekend - saw some old art show friends and met an artist I've corresponded with but had never met. Good day - and hot for April! I'm glad I didn't do the show, but I'm glad we went. People were reporting good sales, but I didn't see many people walking around with purchases unless you count beverages. We did our share. Steve bought me a pair of earrings. I took some photos including the ones here of street musicians and green-spiked hair guy, the rooftop (spied while walking to my car afterward) and the little girl painting (a Derby chapeau.)

I also went to a Derby Festival event - the balloon glimmer. Hot air balloons lit up and aired up along the riverfront. Music, chow wagon food, friendship...good night. Photos of balloons against the city backdrop and the river and the menacing looking 'policeman'.

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