Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another busy weekend - time flies!!!!

On Friday night we attended a memorial service for a dear man. We stayed much too long at his house afterward with friends who will all miss him very much. The Greek Orthodox priest used a wonderful word to describe him...I will have to get it from a friend. It meant that he didn't know a stranger, and it was a perfect appelation.

On Saturday I attended the company picnic while Steve helped the kids move. This meant - I had Jace! I took him to the picnic with me. I'm going to have to get a grandma car. The Mustang just isn't built for backseat car seats and baby gear. It was another dreadfully hot and humid day. We have had 6 weeks of temps over 90. This will probably be a record-breaking June. It was quite sweet when the Chief Operating Officer gave me a foam paper plate to use as a fan for Jace...and also sweet when the CEO and owner spent nearly a half an hour standing and fanning him with it! We only stayed 2 hours, but the food and camaraderie were good. It was nice to meet the families of co-workers.

Saturday night I kept Jace all night and took him home this afternoon...stayed til 4, then came home and worked in my too, too hot garage for a bit. I need to clear out and organize my 'stuff', including years worth of art supplies. Because I taught classes for years, I have multiples of many basics like colored pencils and inexpensive paper. Most markers and some paints may be dried up, so garbage may get a lot of it.

Sandy sent me a few of the fantastic photographer's latest photos of Jace. Here is my favorite. I think he's going to have his daddy's blond hair, but where did he get those gorgeous baby blues! He's holding the monkey I gave him last week.

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