Monday, June 21, 2010

Five nieces. One grandson. Busy weekend...busy life. Time goes too quickly.

What a busy weekend! Time flies when you're having fun...and when you're not too. Niece Andrea's graduation was at 10AM Saturday. Party at 2, lasted til nearly 7, then babysat til midnight. Niece Celeste picked up her painting Friday night. It really looked great! I have FOUR beautiful nieces...FIVE if you count Steve's beautiful Tiffany, which I do. (Tiffer is learning to ride...enjoying trotting now and has new boots...all of which I learned on Facebook.) Shauna is recovering from back surgery, but is bouncing back finally. I don't get to see her much, so FB is a good 'keeper-in-toucher'. I saw the three youngest nieces this weekend. Celeste picked up her painting and looked super gorgeous on Saturday in a slinky cream colored backless dress. She looked model-riffic! Natalie looked her usual beautiful self at the grad party. Hers was just last year! She has stunning looks and killer eyes. I'm showing a photo here of the graduate, Andrea. She is kissing Jace's cheek and his look is priceless! They are both so darn cute!

The baby girl in the family kissing the baby boy. I love my gurlz...and my guy too. (Can you tell?)


Sandy said...

Oh my, I absolutely love this picture. His expression is great.

letterlady said...

Me too! Sooo cute! We can blackmail him with this one when he starts dating. (Oh! Heaven forbid!) LOL

Sandy said...

Mommy is going to lock the windows and doors! He's not allowed. I have to keep him all to myself. Lol. J/K I want to though, but I know I have to let him get out and experience the world for himself. But, that doesn't mean I have to completely let him go. Totally not looking forward to that part.