Sunday, June 13, 2010

Painting with Celeste

Busy week once again. Work, naturally, took its usual measure of hours (rougher maybe because it was a full week after the shorter holiday week.) Babysitting took up many evening hours and most of Saturday, but I don't need to add that those hours are treasured times with my grandson, who is growing so quickly. Jace is getting old enough now to miss his Mommy and Daddy a little even though he likes being spoiled by Grandma and Pappy. We celebrated his daddy's birthday privately Friday and again yesterday with his Grandma. On Thursday I finished a piece of calligraphy, which was picked up Saturday morning. I bought a beautiful large flat file via Craigslist, which was delivered Friday night - and as I predicted, it is already full and I don't have all of my papers in it. (What this tells me is that I need to paint, paint, paint and collage, collage, collage and begin using up my precious stash!)

Speaking of painting, my niece Celeste came over this afternoon and we had a canvas painting session. I am so proud of her first painting ever! She bought the canvas and paints months ago, and came over one night and we painted a pink and white striated background. It's been behind my couch ever since. No longer! It awaits a final glaze coat when it's less humid outside, but otherwise it is finished. Here are some photos of the painting in different stages and of Celeste at work. She made all the strokes and color choices, and only asked for my opinion as she worked. She was gung-ho and approached it as she does life...with joy and decisiveness. I gave a little instruction, showed her a few techniques and gave some general painting advice as she went, but the painting is hers, and quite wonderful, I think.

Here's a photo of the house across the road from my street in its summer garb...pretty flowers and ancient green leafy trees.

What? No Jace photo? I'll make up for that next time. : )

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Jane Farr said...

Celeste's work is beautiful. (She has a pretty, terrific mentor!) Congrats on your flat file cabinet. I wish I had room for one.