Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jace - The Face!

There is absolutely nothing in the world like holding a precious, sleeping baby in your arms while he naps, nuzzling into you, softly holding on to you. I had that pleasure last night, and held him until his parents arrived to get him. They've been working each week preparing their house, which they will move in to by next weekend. I will miss these sweet times with Jace. I can get absolutely nothing else done when I have him, but that's okay. There is nothing more important.

Here is my latest favorite photo of him, taken on his Daddy's birthday last week. Yes! At only 3 months old, he already seems to be starting the teething process. He wants to gnaw on everything. He has a nice selection to choose from on the tray in front of him...but chances are he'd be just as happy chomping his gums into a bib or a finger.


Jane Farr said...

What a cutie! Love his wispy hair. :)

Pat said...

awwwww. too cute. (I want a purple sock monkey!!)