Saturday, June 06, 2009

Art Kerfuffle

I have lots of cool, sweet, fun and interesting art friends. One is Pat Pleacher, who is always doing something fun and creative. She sent me the link to her newish blog and I've added its link to my links section and include it here for you to enjoy her quirky, fun art and clever writing. I'll have to ask her 'what's an artkerfuffle'?

The graduation party for my niece Natalie is this evening. I learned last night that my cousin's son Geoff graduates in Dayton today and the local cousins are traveling there for his graduation and party. Congratulations, Geoff!!!!

For my Portland trip-sharers, I passed three of those things Thursday morning! Hopefully, that's the end of that! I'll be posting trip pics beginning today, I hope. There are at least 1000 to go through, so it will be a slow process...but fun to revisit. My friends and family have been enjoying my stories and laughing with me at some of the events of that week and a half. Now - on to see if the negative low tide pics turned out well.

Ann VT - I am thinking of you and hope you are feeling better! Big cyber hugs!

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Pat said...

You are so funny. You have to go to my Very first post to see Kerfuffle defined! (it's from a dictionary of obscure words, and loosely means disorder, confusion, etc, which I thought was kinda like my studio! I have since seen it used frequently in the British papers to mean a big political screw-up, so I'm having doubts about my choice! But I'm sticking with it.)
Glad we are Blog-Sisters now!!