Saturday, June 27, 2009

Turning 17 and Quick snapshots in Charleston

Birthday girl with her guy. How great to be seventeen!

Three beauties, three of my favorite people.

And here's a photo of a lucky man who is loved by all those girls.

"Reese" aka Terry enjoying the camaraderie and the nice evening.

A nice view of Louisville's skyline from "The Sunnyside". That is a bird above the bridge. I worry about how much the new arena, which will be just to the right of the Louisville side of the bridge, will affect the view...not to mention the traffic.

Here are two photos from my "just got home" trip to Charleston. One is of a doorway in one of the three pretty courtyards at my hotel, and the other is a windowbox shot on Meeting Street - for my purple team!

Flight photos are coming. I promise! Too much schoolwork to catch up on right now...and when will I ever paint again? Just reminded myself - I have a calligraphy job waiting to be done. Never enough time.

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