Sunday, June 07, 2009

June = Graduation & Family Times

If I don't stop taking new photos I won't have time to view the 1000 from vacation! Here are some new ones from Natalie's graduation and party. Never one to sit still, Natalie plans to begin with a course at JCC next week!
And here's a cute one of Natalie and her friend Kerry making their getaway from the oldies at graduation.
Celeste, Natalie, Kerry and Remmel enjoying conversation at the party last night.

Below, a photo of Roger, Wanda, Celeste and Marcia.

Here's one of Mom (Angie) with Celeste, one of Mom (Marcia) with Natalie and Kerry, and one of Dad Steve with the real MOM, and Marcia at the graduation.

THANKS to my ArtKerfuffle friend Pat for tutoring me on how to compose photos and text in my blog.

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