Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oregon's picturesque coast

Today's posts are of photos of the beautifully picturesque rocky Oregon coast. The first two are views of the Newport Bridge. One is a typical seaside view, and the other is from a bit of a distance away, through the trees.

These next two photos are of a sea lion sunning at Newport Beach and also a boat in the bay at Newport.

Four more from little beach towns and Newport: A gull on her post perch, beautiful flowers outside a shop, a tea shop window - see me in the reflection? - and another view of the lighthouse...different sky. Oregon reminded me a lot of Ireland...flowers everywhere and very green. Parts of the coastline reminded me of the Cliffs of Moher. Also all the tea. More tea drinking opportunities than I've seen since Ireland! Oregon doesn't seem big on fish and chips though. More healthy-styles of cooking seem to prevail, but it could be that we just didn't frequent other places. No diners, no fast food. Actually we frequently cooked. One meal stands out as really wonderful. Beth cooked that night...but as the little girl in the old commercial for Shake'n'Bake used to say, "And I helped." It loses a lot if you can't hear in your mind as I do the extended accented 'hay-ulp' syllables in 'helped'.

These last photos are of the beautiful coastline along the way back to Portland from Newport; boats docked near a winery we visited; looking down into The Devil's Punchbowl formation and out a cave-like opening to the sea; and the circular shape in the rocks that is 'the punchbowl'. The next batch of photos will be flying photos! Another day.

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