Saturday, June 13, 2009

Portland Photos

More vacation photos...and more to come. Here are some views in the Chinese garden in Portland. Lovely place. Very serene. Good gift shop too. The tea house was nice. I love the photo with the reflected skyscraper in the water. I also enjoyed the arrangement of teapots on the shelf. Andrea & I drank Eight Treasures tea, served in a cute little pot with a lid made to scrape away the plentiful flower petals floating in the slightly sweet tea.

A street scene in Portland and presentation of my lunch at a Portland Thai restaurant. Wow! Two young ladies had darling hats on and were enjoying beautiful coconut encased fruit drinks at the next table. Beth urged me to snap their photo. Wish I had! They were so cute and sweet looking.

Wildlife in Portland. This couple was even more striking from the front and side. I was too polite to take the front view and too slow to get the side view. Enjoy the rear.

Portland is for Lovers? This couple wouldn't get out of my way when I was trying to compose a photo at the Chinese Gardens, so when they decided to tarry with an extended smooch, I snapped their photo. Live. Love. Laugh. Enjoy many more lip-locks. They were one of three smooching couples we saw that day. Should have snapped them all.

It didn't seem quite right to post these crab traps in the same post with three kinds of crab, but I thought they were picturesque. We ate at Mo's, apparently a place that is de reiguer for travelers to the area. Seafood. Not a wide selection at this water-side one. (Apparently it's the original but there are one or two others with different menus.) There was a photo of Robert Kennedy there.


SOS said...

legal seu blog..parabens

Elizabeth D said...

Portland looks like an eclectic place to get lost in.

Angie S. said...

"Wildlife in Portland." LOL!